Decentralized Notifications Service

TzPing is a blockchain protocol that provides you decentralized notifications from different DApps and channels.

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Missing piece of web3 infrastructure

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DApp Notifications

Get notified from your DApp services

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Protocol Updates

Get notified about new protocol updates in tezos ecosystem

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Baking Rewards

Get notified when you receive payout from the baker

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Wallet Transactions

Get notified for your incoming transactions


The Problem

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The Disconnect

Users are expected to continously check projects to stay updated.

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Bad UX

No notification service, leads to poor user experience.

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Not Decentralized

Services communicate with users through centralised means.

How it works

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Services create channel

Your favorite DApps create a channel on TzPing

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Users subscribe to channels and opt in for notifications

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Services sends notification

Services create notifications on updates

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Users receive notifications on their devices

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Our Vision

We are building a decentralised link between the users and services. We aim to bridge the gap between users and DApps.

TzPing is rethinking communication in web3. Starting with popular NFT projects and crowdsales.

Our goal is to create a fully decentralised protocol that will allow services to connect with users in a open, transparent, and efficient way.

The Roadmap

Testnet Launch

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Closed Alpha Launch

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Public Launch

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Launch v2

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